Welcome to the Ott lab @ University of Freiburg

On the following pages we have assembled some information on different aspects of our recent research, teaching and services. Just follow the different links from the menu bar. Our research focus is on membrane dynamics and signalling during plant-microbe interactions. Here, we study the molecular mechanisms that enable host cells to keep strict control over…

Ott Lab on Facebook

Our new Facebook page is online now. You can find us as “Dynamic Plant Membrane Interfaces”. While some of the web content will be shared there, we will also post some other lab news including teaching information, student positions, group activities, etc. Just follow us or post a comment.


An der Fakultät für Biologie der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg ist am Institut für Biologie II eine Vertretungsprofessur im Bereich der Zellbiologie zu vergeben. Die Vollzeitstelle ist befristet und soll ab dem 01.01.2018 bis zum 30.09.2020 besetzt werden. Als Professurvertreter/in darf eingestellt werden wer die Einstellungsvoraussetzungen als Professorin oder Professor (§47 LHG) erfüllt. Dazu gehören ein abgeschlossenes…

Open positions – closed now

Two PostDoc positions in symbiotic plant-microbe interactions with experience in plant cell biology or biochemistry Unravelling the molecular basis of symbiotic host cell infection and its engineering in crops. As a partner within the ENSA project (https://www.ensa.ac.uk/) our long-term and ambitious goal is transferring the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen from legumes to crops. Being…

Claudia defended her thesis

Claudia successfully defended her thesis at the LMU in Munich! In her work, she made major contributions for our understanding of the membrane binding mechanism of remorins and studied symbiotic dualism in legumes. Congratulations Claudia! We wish you good luck for your future.

We have a new logo

We spent quite some time on thinking about a group logo that Bea and Paolo now created. We leave a lot room for imaginations, what this is all about. But there is more in it than you may initially think. Hope you will recognize it wherever you see it.

Chao received CSC fellowship

Chao Su, PhD student in the lab, received one of the precious fellowships from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). The grant covers his position for three years. Congratulations! Learn more about Chao here.