Alumni Prize for Nils!

Congratulations Nils for winning the alumni prize of the Faculty of Biology for his outstanding MSc thesis! His work “Mapping spatiotemporal lipid patterns on symbiotic membranes using genetically encoded biosensors” revealed some interesting distinct lipid patterns during root nodule symbiosis and was his entry to the world of imaging!

Part of his work was included into our recent manuscript:

Su C, Rodriguez-Franco M, Lace B, Nebel N, Hernandez-Reyes C, Liang P, Schulze E, Popp C, Keller J, Libourel C, Fischer AAM, Gabor KE, Mymrikov EV, Gross NM, Mark E, Hunte C, Weber W, Wendler P, Stanislas T, Delaux PM, Einsle O, Ott T (2022)
Remorin proteins serve as membrane topology scaffolds in plants
pre-printed deposited at: bioRxiv; (open access)