Transmission Electron Microscopy


We are running a Philps CM-10 (100kV) Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM), which can be used in frame of collaborations and service applications. The system and service is maintained by a full-time staff scientist and half-time technician.

We are offering full sample processing and analyses including preparation, sectioning, staining and imaging. Sample types that have recently been processed include but are not limited to: plants (leaves, shoots, roots, fruits), sections from animal tissues, cell cultures, bacteria, archeae, etc.

For inquiries please contact:
Marta Rodriguez-Franco or Thomas Ott





For sample preparation and analysis the following methods are available:

  • Negative staining
  • Chemical fixation of cells and multi-cellular specimens
  • Cryo-fixation (High Pressure Freezing) and Freeze Substitution
  • Resin embedding
  • Ultramicrotomy (including serial sectioning)
  • Cryo-ultramicrotomy (for Tokuyasu technique)
  • Immuno-labelling

Furthermore we offer and/or are involved in:

  • Advanced training of the users on all the accessible techniques.
  • Participating in courses and lectures on EM methods in cell biology.

Current developments
In addition we are continuously aiming to broaden our methods portfolio. Thus, we are currently developing