name function phone
+49(0)761 203-
Thomas Ott professor 2673 email
Morgane Batzenschlager PostDoc 2676 email
Karin Bernauer secretary 2672 (Fax: 2675) email
Christiane Fischer-Iglesias staff scientist 2855 email
Casandra Hernández-Reyes PostDoc 2798 email
Rosula Hinnenberg technician (EM) 2829 email
Beatrice Lace PostDoc 2798 email
Nils Nebel doctoral student
2698 email
Marta Rodriguez-Franco staff scientist (EM) 2794 email
Jule Salfeld doctoral student 2676 email
Eija Schulze technician/lab manager
2798 email
Guofeng Zhang doctoral student 2978 email


Alumni from the Freiburg lab

Chao Su (until May 2023; continued at Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)

Sebastian Schenk (until July 2022; continued at Rubin Mühle GmbH, Lahr, Germany)

Pengbo Liang (until March 2022; continued at China Agricultural University in Beijing)

Nikolaj Abel (until December 2019; continued at University of Aarhus, Denmark)

Franck Ditengou (until September 2019; continued at Lighthouse Core Facility, University of Freiburg)