Update on membrane topology scaffolding

We made our newest study on membrane function and regulation available on bioRxiv. Here, we described the remorin protein SYMREM1 as a new membrane topology scaffold in plants and demonstrate that it can stabilize membrane conformations during symbiotic infections.


Su C, Rodriguez-Franco M, Lace B, Nebel N, Hernandez-Reyes C, Liang P, Schulze E, Popp C, Keller J, Libourel C, Fischer AAM, Gabor KE, Mymrikov EV, Gross NM, Mark E, Hunte C, Weber W, Wendler P, Stanislas T, Delaux PM, Einsle O, Ott T (2022)
Remorin proteins serve as membrane topology scaffolds in plants
pre-printed deposited at: bioRxiv; https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2022.03.15.484384v1 (open access)