Welcome to the Ott lab @ University of Freiburg

On the following pages we have assembled some information on different aspects of our recent research on plant cell biology, teaching and services. Just follow the different links from the menu bar. Our research focus is on membrane dynamics and signalling during plant-microbe interactions. Here, we study the molecular mechanisms that enable host cells to…

Clusters of Exellence funded!

Great moment for the University of Freiburg. The cluster applications of CIBSS and livMatS receive full funding as “excellence clusters” after both had been pre-selected by the German Research Foundation (DFG) about a year ago. And this also means great news for our lab as we are part of the CIBSS cluster, where we will…

Congratulations, Nikolaj!

A great story from the lab of Katharina Markmann (Tübingen, Germany) was just published in Science this week. Nikolaj Abel, PhD student in our team and co-author on the paper, contributed experiments as an MSc student to this work, where they demonstrate that miR2111 regulates the symbiotic repressor TOO MUCH LOVE. It functions as a…

Let’s meet at the ENFC2018

We are looking forward to join the European Nitrogen Fixation Conference (ENFC) in Stockholm. Thanks to the organizing committee for all their work and for granting Pengbo and Chao with Early Career Awards and a talk (Pengbo). Hope to see you at this great meeting.

Teaching Award

We were happy to see that the Freiburg biology students ranked our basic module ‘cell biology’ best of the B.Sc. curriculum and awarded us with the “teaching price 2018” within the Faculty of Biology. Thanks to all students for their positive evaluations!