New contribution of our EM unit

In a recent publication in PNAS the group of Sonja Albers from the University of Freiburg demonstrates that the archaeal CheY protein shares the overall structure and mechanism of magnesium-dependent phosphorylation with its bacterial counterpart. Furthermore they show that phosphorylation-dependent activation, and conserved residues in the archaeal CheY helix α4, are important for interaction with the archaeal-specific adaptor protein CheF. Our EM unit contributed electron micrographs of H. volcanii archaella. Thank you Sonja for the fruitful collaboration.

Quax TEF., Altegoer F, Rossi F, Lia Z, Rodriguez-Franco M, Kraus F, Bange G, and Albers SV (2018) Structure and function of the archaeal response regulator CheY.
PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1716661115

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