New findings from our lab on bioRxiv

We have just released our newest dataset on the bioRxiv pre-print server. In this manuscript we report that the remorin SYMREM1 is required and sufficient to recruit and stabilize the Medicago truncatula entry receptor LYK3 in membrane nanodomains in a FLOTILLIN 4-dependent manner. These findings provide the molecular mechanism of SYMREM1 and demonstrate genetically that recruitment of the LYK3 receptor into membrane nanodomains is required for its function and to control host cell infection.

Liang P, Stratil TF, Popp C, Marin M, Folgmann J, Mysore KS, Wen J, Ott T
Symbiotic root infections in Medicago truncatula require remorin-mediated receptor stabilization in membrane nanodomains
bioRxiv: doi:

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