New pre-print from our lab

We are happy to share our latest pre-print on the membrane-resident and heteromeric remorin complex, which we just deposited on bioRxiv. It has been a long journey with numerous experimental attempts to unravel the function of group 1 remorin proteins. Thanks to all authors for their contributions and inputs.

Abel NB*, Buschle CA*, Hernandez-Ryes C*, Burkart SS, Deroubaix AF, Mergner J, Gronnier J, Jarsch IK, Folgmann J, Braun KH, Bayer E, Germain V, Derbyshire P, Menke FLH, Kemmerling B, Zipfel C, Küster B, Mongrand S, Marín M, Ott T (2021)
A hetero-oligomeric remorin-receptor complex regulates plant development
pre-print deposited at: