Nanoscale Membrane Imaging Platform

Our Nanoscale Membrane Imaging Platform (NaMIP) aims for establishing highly reproducible workflows for imaging membrane nanodomains in living and fixed samples. These include all steps from protein expression, sample preparation to imaging itself. Using our own microscopes and/or those available at the Freiburg Life Imaging Center (LIC) we have access to a diverse spectrum of microscopical setups that can match individual project needs such as high spatial and temporal resolution, low signal intensities or single particle tracking.

Basic RGB

Given the guidelines of our funding agency, you also need to acknowledge the funding resources as follows:

The confocal laser-scanning microscope (Leica SP8 FLIM) was funded by the DFG grant (INST 39/1104-1 FUGG) and is operated within the Microscopy and Image Analysis Platform (MIAP) and the Life Imaging Center (LIC), Freiburg.

You can alternatively acknowledge funding and contributions as stated in the LIC guidelines.