New findings from our lab on bioRxiv

We have just released our newest dataset on the bioRxiv pre-print server. In this manuscript we report that the remorin SYMREM1 is required and sufficient to recruit and stabilize the Medicago truncatula entry receptor LYK3 in membrane nanodomains in a FLOTILLIN 4-dependent manner. These findings provide the molecular mechanism of SYMREM1 and demonstrate genetically that…

Marta at Nobel Prize Ceremony

Marta Rodriguez, head of our EM unit, just returned from the Nobel prize ceremony in Stockholm where she witnessed the greatest moment for every scientist. She was honored when she was invited by this year’s Nobel Laureate Jacques Dubochet (University of Lausanne), who received the award together with Joachim Frank (Columbia University) and Richard Henderson…

Franck & Morgane joined the lab

We are happy to announce that Morgane Batzenschlager and Franck Ditengou now joined our lab as new PostDocs . They will work on different aspects of rhizobial infections in frame of the ENSA project. Great to have you with us now! Welcome to the team!

Interim professorship for Marco Trujillo

We are happy to announce that we were able to recruit Dr. Marco Trujillo who is currently the head of a junior group at the IPB in Halle (Germany) as an interim professor to Freiburg. With his expertise in plant-pathogen interactions and protein ubiquitination, he is a great fit here. Welcome!

Paper accepted

We just got a manuscript accepted in Journal of Cell Science entitled “Green light for quantitative live-cell imaging in plants”. There, we together with a number of other cell biologists review advances in plant cell imaging and plant growth for microscopy studies.

CIBSS cluster successful

The initial proposal for the “Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies” (CIBSS) has been successful in the first round of the national Excellence Strategy 2017. This competition is headed by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; DFG) and aims to identify novel and innovative local clusters. CIBSS will study signalling across different spatial and temporal…