Collaborative work published in Plant Physiology

In a study led by Jesús Montiel from the lab of Jens Stougaard at the University of Aarhus, we show that intercellular colonization of Lotus japonicus roots by the rhizobium strain IRBG74 requires a partially different genetic make-up compared to strains infecting in an intracellular manner. Thanks for letting us being a partner in this study and congratulations to all authors!

Montiel J, Reid DE, Grønbæk TH, Mølsted Benfeldt C, James EK, Ott T, Ditengou FA, Nadzieja M, Kelly S, Stougaard J (2020)
Distinct signalling routes mediates intercellular and intracellular rhizobial infection in Lotus japonicus
accepted in Plant Physiology
pre-print deposited at: bioRxiv; doi:10.1101/2020.05.29.124313