Chao Su


Chao did his Masters from 2013-2016 in the group of Prof. Xia Li at the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGDB) before he started as a PhD student in October 2016 in our lab. His project focuses on the identification of proteins that control the initial steps of rhizobial entry into host cells.


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  2. Chao Su, Liu Liu, Haipei Liu, Brett J. Ferguson, Yanmin Zou, Yankun Zhao, Tao Wang, Youning Wang, Xia Li. H2O2 regulates root system architecture by modulating the polar transport and redistribution of auxin. The Journal of Plant Biology, 2016 (cover paper)
  3. Zhijuan Wang, Hongtao Ji, Bingjian Yuan, shuangfeng Wang, Chao Su, Bin Yao, Hongtao Zhao, and Xia Li. Fine tuning of ABA signaling by antagonistic HAB1 variants that are regulated by RBM25. Nature Communications, 2015
  4. Chao Su,Panna Liu,Jinhong Yuan,Ningning Sun,Hengjian Xu. Study on the Factors That Influenced on Fast Propagation and Regeneration in Vitro of Fine-root Yam. Seed, 2012.